Israel Connection

In Israel

The Land of Israel is the homeland of all Jewish people, whether each of us is conscious of this reality or not. As those awakened in this era by God, in accord with the forecasts of Scripture (Deut. 30:1-6, Hos. 3:4-5, Isa. 49:6) describing our return from the nations paralleling our return to God spiritually — it is incumbent upon all Two Testament Jewish synagogues to foster whatever connections with the Land of Israel can be made: both with the secular State and with the spiritual communities in it — especially the nascent Israeli Messianic Jewish movement.

Beth El of Manhattan Bar Mitzvah at “The Wall” in Jerusalem.
Beth El of Manhattan has seen its children learn Hebrew, become b’nai mitzvah in Manhattan, in Jerusalem, and on Masada – even serve in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) – the Israeli army.  Beth El’s leaders are in decades long ongoing relationships with Messianic leaders throughout Israel. Beth El has long supported Israeli humanitarian outreaches to Terror Victim Families (this video is a ministry with which we have co-labored for over twenty years), we sponsored Holiday celebrations for Israeli disabled children, given financial assistance and technology to Two-Testament Jewish students studying for Masters and Doctoral degrees in Israeli universities, and general faith-content ministry to the Israeli public. We have led tours, spoken, taught, given school and institution planting counsel and advice, and musical worship seminars, and more; and we have forged decades-long connections there with the long term vision of establishing a sister congregation there in the Land in the not-too-distant future.
In America and Around The World
Beth El has contributed financial and consular support to needy individuals in New York City, families of prisoners, and similar “mercy ministries.” Beth El people have also worked in Brooklyn Soup Kitchens on Thanksgiving, and other Charitable organizations meeting the needs of the poor, including a walk-through-distribution of foods before Passover in the Upper West Side. We participate with Israeli and Zionist support events and marches in Manhattan – and seek to be a genuine, sincere, authentic presence within our People, Israel – whether in America, Israel, South Africa, Russia, Barbados, Canada – or anywhere to which our reach has extended in line with our Vision and our Mission as a Manhattan synagogue.