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We are a Conservative synagogue
of "Two Testament" Judaism.

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Our Faith

We embrace faith in the One God and One Messiah as described in the Jewish Scriptures, according to those historically Jewish traditions affirmed as scripturally and spiritually valid through sound spiritual and scholastic processes.

We Believe

Beth El of Manhattan affirms, “This is Eternal Life: to know the One True God, and Yeshua the Messiah whom He sent.” (Yochanon 17:3) The video you can view here is a brief-yet-thorough tour of what we are, what we do, and why we do it. Enjoy – and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Our Community

Our fellowship is welcoming of all life stages and ages, and we enjoy unity in our diversity. We are young and senior, men and women, single and married, teens and tots, Jewish-by-Birth and Jewish-by-Choice, lovers of Israel and Visitors for a day or season – and you are welcome to visit or join us!

Meet Our Rabbi

Rabbi Bruce Louis Cohen serves in our synagogue as both senior clergy and as music director. A multi-lingual scholar and poly-instrumental professional musician, Rabbi Cohen’s combined skill sets and achievements in theology and the creative arts seem to make Manhattan inevitable as where he would serve. Rabbi Bruce’s vision for “The City,” and for our synagogue community within it, embarks from his conviction that excellent education and acumen lead more naturally toward God than away from Him.

our mission

Raising up a Manhattan Synagogue with a healthy balance of authentic Jewish faith and the teachings of the New Testament. Providing A Faith Community for those who have been seeking such a spiritual home. Connecting with Israel, our Jewish homeland in the present, and for the future.


Locations & Times

Shabbat Services are held every Friday Evening from 7pm-8:30pm at 593 Park Avenue (at 64th Street) in the historic Central Presbyterian facility. Shabbat Shalom! 


Our synagogue welcomes people of all backgrounds and all stages of life, including those ethnically Jewish, Jews by choice, inter-faith couples, and those drawn to a Hebraic expression of faith. 

Our Service

Our service is a rich blend of traditional Jewish prayer, Spirit-filled musical worship, reading of the Torah, and an edifying sermon by Rabbi Bruce or guest speakers. 

Study, Counsel, & Growth

Together we explore the Scriptures, seek the counsel of the wise, and walk the path of Biblically sound spiritual growth. 

Serving Israel & Humankind

Our core Midot beyond “Ahavat HaShem” (Love of God) are: “Ahavat Tzion” (Love for Israel) and “Ahavat Adahm” (Love For Humankind). We seek to be pro-active serving in all these values. 

Connections & Resources

Standing at the intersection of Judaism and Christianity, Beth El offers unique opportunities for connection and fellowship with the greater Body of Messiah, the Jewish people, and citizens of Israel. 

Come Experience

Engaging Worship 

Hear Sermons

Rabbi Bruce L. Cohen's explanatory readings from the Torah and sermons, given at Congregation Beth El of Manhattan - a Conservative "Two-Testament" (“Messianic”) Jewish synagogue in the Upper East Side of New York City, where Jewish people and "People of Calling" (not born Jewish), and Interfaith  couples come together in Manhattan since 1993 to observe "Two-Testament" Judaism.  if you're in New York come to one of our Friday Evening services.

ONLINE Service Times

Service Schedule Until CV19 Quarantine Is Safely Ended
- Friday 7pm Erev Shabbat & Holiday Services stream Free To The Public LIVE on FacebookLIVE and YouTube -

Wednesday "Torah & T'filah" (Teaching & Prayer) are via ZOOM for Synagogue Members Only  

Friday Nights  (Kabbalat Shabbat)

7:00pm – 8:30pm via Facebook Live 

Wednesday Nights (Study & Worship) 

6:30pm – 8:30pm via Zoom

7PM Wednesday Night


All funds donated to Beth El are used to establish and fuel a vibrant "Two-Testament" synagogal community in Manhattan, and to lift up the standard of “Two-Testament Jewish life” for our circle of influence in Israel and around the world – from Jerusalem to Los Angeles and from Moscow to Cape Town. 

Common Questions 

Who Are We?

We are an unaffiliated Conservative Synagogue of “Two-Testament".We have a primary geographical focus: New York City – Manhattan – the capital of the Jewish world outside Israel. 

Who is Yeshua?

Did you know mainstream Judaism’s foundational sacred writings speak clearly and directly of a Messiah who would be die a redemptive death on behalf of all humankind? 

How We Differ From “Jews for Jesus”?

Firstly, “Jews for Jesus” is the trademark name of an organization based in San Francisco, California, founded in the 1970’s by a Jewish-born Baptist minister named Moishe Rosen, z”l. 

Why “Conservative”?

In respect to Jewish theology, the word “conservative” has a particular meaning beautifully expressive of how Beth El of Manhattan adheres to Judaism..

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