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or download from iTunes.Twenty historic original recordings performed by the composer with the chorus Kol Simcha and the duo Cohen & Rose. Digitally Reprocessed for previously unobtainable track quality.
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Cohen & Rose 1992. No longer available as an individual album: entire album is the 2nd disc in the “Fall Upon Us Now” collection shown above.   
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The Voice of the Lord
Messianic Jewish Daily Devotional
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Voices of Messianic Judaism
Confronting Critical Issues Facing a Maturing Movement
Dan Cohn-Sherbok, General Editor
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Sermons and teachings are available for purchase.

Congregational Theology Seminar – a six CD series coverage of all the essentials of Messianic synagogual life, based on the outline of classical systematic theology. See the outline.
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Singles Seminar – a three CD series devoted to biblical understanding the single life, balancing spirituality with very practical, down-to-earth wisdom.
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Relationship Seminar – a three CD series devoted to biblical understanding of relationships between men and women.
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