Hebrew School

“Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord…” – Psalm 127:3
The photos and descriptions here are from 1993-2014. As our former students aged out, or families moved, our population has shifted.

Beth El’s present child population is not large, and is entirely comprised of toddlers to early elementary students. We seek in all seasons to meet the needs of children in a manner encouraged by Scripture, and in accord with our available resources. For the recent past, our services were shifted of necessity for a season to Friday evenings only, making provision of child education nearly impossible. We are in the process of preparing for return to Saturday mornings, with ministry to children included. If you have interest in this aspect of Beth El’s synagogal life, please feel free to contact us and make inquiries! Shalom!


Jewish religious education and Hebrew language study have been taught using curriculum from leading Jewish educational publishers and age-appropriate Scripture studies. Students memorize scripture verses exploring topics including, but not limited to: The Characteristics of God, Relationship with God, The Messiah Yeshua of Nazareth (His Teachings and His Life Example), Personal Development, Worship, and Prayer.

Mikrah Kodesh (Holy Assembly)

Past classes have begun with participation in selected Shabbat morning liturgies, T’filah (prayer) from the heart, and songs. This gives the students an opportunity to set their kavanah (heart intention) for the class ahead. It also sets apart Religious Study from Academic Study. Every 4-6 weeks, students join the larger Beth El community in all or half of the Shabbat morning service in the main sanctuary. Saturday morning services will likely be recommencing in January 2018, re-configured to minister to children inclusively – hopeful that a further accruing group of young families will fairly shortly lead to re-establising a distinct Hebrew School presence.

Mitzvah Projects

In keeping with our philosophy that lessons are best learned when they are applied, students have participated in several organized “Mitzvah Projects” (charitable community works) throughout the school year. Hebrew School families and Beth El Members are invited to join us. Five Mitzvah projects were planned for each year.


Beth El Members, Visitors and Regular Attendees have registered to attend classes – and we are planning as flexible an enrollment policy as possible, consistent with our values. Non-Members have in the past been welcome to attend two sample classes, free of charge. After the second sample class, Hebrew School was offered in 4-week sessions to non-member students for a nominal fee. Payment for the entire session needed to be received before or on the first day of attendance. Snacks, textbooks and notebooks are included in the fee. All classes are always offered without charge to Beth El Members.