Rabbi Bruce guest on NYU “Multifaithful” Podcast

Rabbi Bruce L. Cohen was the guest on NYU’s “Multifaithful” Podcast in an episode entitled, “De-Mystifying the Messianic: A Conversation with Rabbi Bruce Cohen”

The podcast is available clicking the above active link, or by cutting and pasting this URL into your browser: https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/aae251/episodes/2016-11-02T06_28_55-07_00 ––– You can also get it directly from iTunes.

Please note – some crucial info was edited out of the podcast’s final version. I offer a summary of it here in a comment I posted to the site once it was published. For shalom – Rabbi B

You will also note the interviewer makes reference at the close to “two stories” that were effective summaries of our most important values: however, those two stories were also edited out. The most important info in them was in TB Berachot 28a telling of the deathbed experience of Rabban Yochanon ben Zakkai, the founder of what we would now consider “mainstream” (Yeshua-disavowing) Judaism – whose version of “Judaism” left him wracked with fear of going into a tormenting eternity. Please read the Talmud passage for yourself. I told my interviewer, that was my own father’s dead-bed experience, which was utterly transformed into shalom after we had prayed together for him to make his peace with God and acknowledge Yeshua’s atoning sacrifice for him. I am very sorry to see this did not make it into the broadcast. – R”B
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