Which Came First, The Chicken Or “The Occupation?”

chickenoreggHow the West and The Post-Arabians in Israel Are Talking Past Each Other

– or –

Why The Endemic Monstrosity Of Randomly Knifing Civilians Is Not Getting The World-wide Condemnation It Deserves


by Rabbi Bruce Louis Cohen ©2015

Last week, here in Manhattan, the UN Security council met to discuss the recent outbreak of incited knife attacks on Israelis by Arabs within Israel’s borders.

Here is a brief summary of why this writer feels all discussions up to the present have fallen into futility, and there continues to be no cohesive accepted obligation to any negotiating authority.

It sums up thusly: when Arabs use the phrase “The Occupation” in the media, they are not talking about the same thing Westerners understand the phrase to mean.


To Westerners, “The Occupation” refers to allegedly unjust aspects of Israeli governing control of the territories in Judea and Samaria (“The West Bank of the Jordan River”) and in Gaza, which were given to the Arab population of the region by United Nations Partition Plan of 29 November 1947.

To many Arabs within Israel’s borders, and those active in the Western media, the phrase “The Occupation” refers to the existence of the entire State of Israel, itself. It means, “Jews, dismantle the State of Israel, and go back to the European and American nations in which your recent ancestors lived; and give the land back to the Arabs who claim it is rightfully theirs.” It is a demand for Jewish national suicide.

The importance of this is obvious.

Then, there are the troubles with the validity of the predicates upon which recent Arab demands are made.


There never has been, in all of human history, an Arab state called, “Palestine” or national Arab ethnic grouping called, “Palestinian.”

The term, “Palestinian” was a label for the conglomorate of Jews, Arabs, Turks, and post-Greeks (Philistines) who lived in the Ottoman Turkish Empire’s region of Syria-Palestina (Philistine Syria) – a name for Israel given to it by the Romans after they conquered Israel in 70 ce, with the specific intent of dissolving Jewish national identity. To say, “I am a Palestinian” meant you were a Jew, Arab, Turk, post-Greek, or any other nationality living in the Ottoman or post World War One  region running east-west between the Mediterranean and the eastern border of Transjordan, and north-south from southern Syria to northern Arabia.  (See famed 1850 “Mitchell Map” of region.)

After the British defeated the Ottomans in 1917, the region was re-named, “Transjordan” by the British. The people who now call themselves “Jordanian” are a conglomerate of Arab tribes in northern former Arabia, which were militarily conquered by Abdallah of Mecca after World War I. He named his new kingdom “The Emirate of Transjordan” – then shortened into “Jordan.” There was no ancient Arab nation called, “Jordan.” It is a recent invention, and owes its name to Winston Churchill.

Clarifying the anti-Judaism of the situation, Arabs are not practicing what they preach toward Israel, as in the case of “Jordan.”

The Arabs who now control Jordan gained that control as invading outsiders making a land-grab by military force: Abdallah then declared himself “emir” of this new “kingdom.” The right by which he did this was that he had killed or subdued anyone who disagreed. This is the very crime of which Arabs now accuse Jews, and use as a predicate for incitement to mass murder. 

Why are Haar’ith, Hasimi, and Howai’taat tribesmen not knifing Arabians sipping coffee and waiting for buses in Amman, demanding the invading post-Abdallah Arabians go back to Arabia, and give “Jordan” back to the actual Arab tribes who lived there?

The issue in play now is not any Arab national issue needing equity.

It is anti-Judaism, pure and simple.

The incoherent and self-contradictory ravings of the illiterate mass-murderer Muhammad in the Koran, and his successor caliphs who marauded their way across north Africa into the Iberian peninsula and the Middle East while writing hadiths (post-Muhammad ideology) give ideological justification to the raw hate, envy, greed, and ambition.

Their insane ideology tells them the whole world must belong to them.

The Koran says Allah has rejected the Jews in favor of the Arabs. It is noteworthy that the same Koran which says this also tells Muslims to respect what was written by Moses and the Prophets before Muhammad; and those Scriptures say God will never abandon the Jewish people, or will to end the existence of the Jewish nation. (Jeremiah 31:35-37). This is but one example of Muhammad’s many self-contradictions in the Koran. The standard Islamist solution to this (a Muslim guide to the Dome of the Rock told me this during a tour of the Temple Mount in the late 1980’s) is to allege “The Jews changed the words of the prophets.” Yet, in scrolls going back as far before Muhammad as the first century b.c.e., like the Qumran Isaiah scroll, we see the content is virtually identical to all their following versions: the very few variations due to human error or scribal editing are rejected from inclusion in the “majority” texts (those versions approved as accurate by scholarly consensus).

It is an intolerable contradiction of Muhammad that Jews have returned to Israel, bested Arab Muslims in 5 wars – and continue to outdo, outshine, and outlast Arab Muslims in every venue of statecraft, warfare, science, literature, and societal contributions.

The Muslim hegemonists cannot build what they believe they deserve. So they have decided to murder or make life miserable for the whole world until the world simply gives Muslims what they want, which they cannot or will not achieve via their own acumen. They have decided they will torture the world into submission (Islam)– and they will kill anyone who disagrees with them.

The utterly meritless nature of the Islamist hegemony is obvious: if you murder everyone more beautiful or more gifted or more supplied than yourself, it does not make you beautiful, wise, or abundant: it leaves you an ugly, stupid, impoverished murderer – period.

The agenda of Islamist hegemonists is the subjugation or murder of 4.5 billion human beings who are not at present Muslims.

Israel is only the first step in the process.

They do not want Israel – they want the world.

If the Anti-Zionist Arab agenda and processes are really so valid, why are not Iroquois Amer-Indians knifing people in Manhattan, demanding the invading ex-Europeans all “go back” and give the land to the American Indians (scientifically, there is no such thing as a “Native American” – every human living in the Americas before the Atlantic Ocean crossings by Norse and Europeans, every single one of them migrated here from northern Asia across a frozen land bridge that existed during the last Ice Age, where the Bering Sea between Russian and Alaska now flows.


Why is no post-colonial population in the world doing this, except for one?

The simplest answer is, surprise-knifing civilians en masse to get what you want is indefensibly monstrous, barbaric, and evil. And, literally everyone (except the anti-Israel Arabs) knows this.

The Post-Arabian claims on the Land of Israel are baseless in history and law, just as Islam is not sell-able on its merits. Muslims and Anti-Zionists must seek to murder and torture their way into gains of populace or territory, because they rarely win arguments over reason or facts – and they seldom win wars. Their volunteers tend to be the insane and violent of the world, looking for ways to use insanity and violence to gain stature. The Post-Arabian goal to seize Israel is meritless in law and history: there has never been, in the borders of modern Israel of 1947 or post-1967, any Arab presence owning by any valid, accurate historic or legal premise, the right to declare itself a long-existing nation. Their claims are entirely bogus.


There is nothing “illegal” about Israeli sovereignty over any square inch of territory Israel now holds in its control.

The land described in the 1947 UN Resolution granting Israel the right to create a Jewish homeland and Arabs to create a new Arab state, allocated the Jewish people the right to return to our ancestral homeland, by the consent of the council of modern nations, of which Arabs were part, and in which they had voice and vote. Jews got land. Arabs got land. Arabs got the better parts of the land: most of what the UN gave Israel was dead sand in the south and malarial swamp in the north. We took it. We agreed to the deal. The Arabs responded by attacking from five sides at once to attempt to murder the Jewish state the day it was born. On May 14, 1948 in the late afternoon in Tel Aviv, David Ben Gurion declared the State into existence. The next day, Five Arab armies attacked with the announced intention to push the Jews into the sea. They tried several more times, in the 1957 Suez War, The 1967 Six Day War, the 1973 Yom Kippur War, and more. Each time they tried– they lost.

According to International Law, an aggressor is not protected from loss or harm it incurs resulting from an attack. This is the risk you accept as an attacking aggressor. If the victim of your attack not only defends itself successfully, but seizes possessions of yours in the attack (military hardware, land, infrastructure) – you lose it, with no “right” to demand it back.

There are no “illegal” Israeli presences in post-1967 Israel.

Every inch of land Israel now has, it owns legally.

When Israel gave Egypt back the Sinai in exchange for peace, it was not yielding to a lawsuit in international court, demanding the land be returned to Egypt by legal right. Egypt had repeatedly attacked and lost. In its defense operations, Israel’s army seized the Sinai peninsula: home to Egypt’s largest oil reserves. Israel, in a unique gesture of goodwill in all human history, gave up the chance to be an independent and major oil-producing country, and handed over the oil-rich, tourism-rich Sinai to Egypt for a simple promise of non-aggression. This was not compelled because Egypt “deserved” to get the land back: as an aggressor, Egypt forfeited the right to such a stance.

Israel persists in offering the same undeserved “land-return-for-peace” deal to the post-Arabians within its borders.

Graciously cooperating with delusional post-Arabian claims based on religious and pseudo-national manias, Israel has deigned to hand over lands it won legally in defensive wars, in hope of peace. The SOLE condition for total Israeli absence from those lands was non-aggression. Arabs must not use their newly-acquired homeland as a military outpost of Arab  or Islamic hegemony efforts. The lands must not be flooded with arms to use against Israel, nor people to rise against Israel.

This one condition has been repeatedly broken.

Gaza is being used as an armed base to attack Israel. The rockets flying out of Gaza into Israel were built with money and materiel sent from the outside into Gaza for that purpose. The violence against Israeli civilians is being done by residents of the territories who enter Israel across borders for that purpose.

When Israel seeks to secure its borders – the world condemns Israel as evil. When “the wall” was built on the border between Israel and the northern PA region – making impossible entrance into Israel through any doorway other than legitimate Israeli border stations – attacks in those regions on the other side of the wall went from dozens per year to zero. Zero.

What is the world’s reaction?

Building a wall is horrible. You Jews should tear it down.

Jews should be willing to let hundreds of Jews a year be murdered rather than build a wall.

The utter absurdity of the idea would stand off as clear as black on white, if Jews were not the subject of it.


The Arab demand is that Jews go back to, as their “home” nations, the very nations that expelled them as foreigners, – who told them “go home” (back to the Jewish homeland).

While Antisemitism in Europe and Arab arenas is currently re-packaged as justice-hungry “Anti-Zionism,” a recent Knife-Intifida supportive Arab shouted openly in the media the heart of the matter, “Jews, there is no place in the world for you! No one wants you! No one likes you!”  Europe wanted Jews to leave Europe and go home to Israel. Post-Arabians in Israel want Jews to leave their ancestral homeland and go back to the very countries that murdered or expelled them. What the post-Arabian Muslims in Israel want every Jew in Israel and the entire world to do is simple: convert to Islam, or die.

Muhammed is quoted in the texts accepted as valid by most of Islam’s authorities: “The day will come when a tree or stone will cry out, ‘Oh Muslim, there is a Jew hiding behind me! Come and kill him!’” (Hadith Sahih al-Bukhari 4:56:791)

More specifics on these are further below.


Look at this recent week in the United Nations.

On 28 October 2015, Abu Mazen of the Palestinian Authority spoke at the United Nations in his most reasonable voice. He said:

“I once again call upon the Israeli people to achieve a just peace,” he stated.   “Our hands are extended for peace.  The equation for peace to be successful is known.  End ‘The Occupation.’  Abu Mazen then also called for the establishment of a Palestinian unity government and for fresh elections.

This speech by the leader of the Palestinian Authority seems reasonable because the phrase “The Occupation” is understood to refer to unjust aspects of Israeli governmental and security policy or actions toward the Palestinian Arabs who live beside Israel in the officially-designated Palestinian areas. Those regions are slated one future day to be a State, if the residents create a society peacefully co-existing alongside the Jewish state of Israel, the right to exist of which they acknowledge and peacefully allow.

To Mazen and his cadre, “End ‘The Occupation'” means to dismantle the State of Israel, and give all the land to Arabs living in those areas. He and they base this demand on the presmise that the lands was Arab to begin with, belonged to an Arab nation called, “Palestine” – and the Zionists stole it by force from that nation which was first and rightfully sovereign over it.

“The Occupation” is Jewish ownership or sovereignty over any inch of what they call by the Roman pseudonym, “Palestine” – the area from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean, and from the Lebanese border to Eilat/Aqaba. “The Occupation” is the State of Israel – and not one micrometer less. That is why to many of Mazen’s violence-prone constituents, peace-negotiations are never respected: peace is not wanted. Mass Jewish deaths or expulsions are the goal.


In 1947, the UN, with international approval from the community of nations, granted by democratic vote much of what is presently the land of Israel to the Jewish people for the homeland now called, “Israel.”

From 1948 to 1973 there were wars against Israel by Arab powers seeking to overturn that UN grant with violence – all of which attempts failed;  resulting also in Arab losses of land to Israel.

In international law, those lands are forfeit by an aggressor to the defender: this is international law’s way of discouraging repeated aggression. [See UN Resolution 3314 Article 3(g) of 14 December 1974 in section below, defining “aggression” and how military Aggressors forfeit their rights to recover what territory or materiel they lose in aggressive warfare.]

Thus, all the chatter about “illegal” Israeli occupation of lands in the West Bank and Gaza is a complete misrepresentation. Israel is the player with ALL the legitimate LEGAL rights in this matter. The aggressors who lost their many wars of aggression are complaining about the pains of losing what they gambled.

If anyone genuinely versed in international law were to speak in a forum actually heard – the first and most important point is that there is no “illegality” to Israel’s sovereignty. The Arab nations attacked to try to destroy Israel – and they lost. They legally forfeited all rights to the lands in question the moment they gave the attack order – five times between 1948 and the present. Five wars of aggression to kill the Israeli state, lost by Arab attackers – yet the stymied Aggressors are claiming to be the victims.

Consider – if a murderer gets his eye scratched out by the victim of his attempted murder … does he get to sue the victim who injured him in self-defense? Does he get to demand the victim give up his/her eye because the murderer lost them in his attempted crime? It is absurdity to an extreme degree – but the anti-Zionist Arabs have conned a lot of the world with their relentless repetitions of it. This was the Nazi “Big Lie” tactic: tell a huge lie over and over again enough, and people will come to accept it as true.


There has never in history been a bona fide Arab nation called, “Palestine.”

The name, “Palestine” is a shortened form of “Syria Palestina” – “Philistine Syria” – given to the land of Israel and some ancillary areas near it by the Romans after Roman conquest, as a deliberate step toward dissolution of Jewish national identity and absorption of the Jewish nation into the Roman empire.

A clear example of the precepts at play here is the Jewish city now called “Tiberias.”

It was named after the Roman emperor who built a court and a spa there two thousand years ago, and it sits on the site of a Jewish village named either Rakkat or Emmaus that existed long before Rome ever showed up. The village is mentioned in literature as old as the Book of Joshua. Just because the town now has a later-applied Roman name has never resulted in anyone from Rome expressing any desire to reclaim it for Roman sovereignty, much less running around the Galilee knifing unarmed civilians to get it back.

If you consult the 1850 Mitchell map of the Middle East, you will find a huge area called, “Arabia” including modern Saudia Arabia, Jordan, and part of Syria. The Arabs now occupying the land of Israel came in great part from the western region of Arabia now called, “Jordan.”

The “Palestine” on that map is the area of the Ottoman Empire still carrying the post-Roman label, and is a hodge-podge of various populations of Jews, Turks, Arabs, and Philistines (migrants from Greek islands, the original Philistines were not Arabs) – and no one mainly Arab nation ever existed there with national sovereignty – just as there was no ancient nation of “Jordan” – only a nation invented in 1919 by Winston Churchhill called, “Transjordan” – control over which was militarily obtained by the tribal chieftain, Faisal of Mecca – and we don’t see Arab bedouins like the Har’it or Howa’itat trying to get Amman back by stabbing Jordanian civilians sipping coffee. That nation’s name was shortened to Jordan, and the current king is a descendant of Faisal of Mecca – a non-indiginous ruling family whose power came from conquest and land-grabs.

All the above happened in the last century, and there is no ancient history to it. The “Palestine” written on the map is a label of a territory of the Turkish Empire – not a nation of Arabs.

There is no nation, “Palestine.” There never has been.

Ironically, Jews living inside the pre-statehood borders of Israel were called, “Palestinians” along with the resident Turks, Greeks, and Lebanese, Syrian, and other Arabs living inside its borders were. “Palestinian” was not a label of a specific nation of Arabs” it was a regional-residence designation applying to a melting pot of residents in the Ottoman-controlled region at the time.

The fact the state of Israel is willing to discuss allowing legitimate “statehood” status to be claimed by for such a hostile, newly-minted nation to any degree is a miracle of Jewish tolerance and compromise.


The UN is a democratic organ of civilization, functioning via organs of honor like treaties, agreements, and signed documents.

The Palestinian side of these issues not even believe in the validity the very association within which the negotiations occur; and does not accept any judgement the UN makes that does not coincide with its own desires; and does not accept as legitimate the existence as a state of the State of Israel on the other side of the negotiation. Thus, the world again has a farce of the kind Hitler enacted with Neville Chamberlain. When the British Prime Minister left his 1938 Munich meeting with the German Fuhrer, Hitler and his staff broke out in laughter that a head of state could be so naive and gullible. Chamberlain was gentlemanly and sincere: Hitler and his team were thugs whose given word was worthless. Chamberlain was trying to save lives and enact peace: Hitler was only trying for whatever he could get that would advance his personal and ideological interests, regardless of their moral nature or cost.

UN Resolution 3314 of 14 December 1974 defined “aggression” for the world community. Included in that definition, in Article 3(g) we find this:

“(Among) the acts qualifying as ‘aggression’ are: [§3:g] The sending by, or on the behalf of a State of armed bands, groups, irregulars, or mercenaries which carry out acts of armed force against another State of such gravity as to amount to the acts listed above, or its substantial involvement therein.”

Civilized nations have long agreed, actions such as the “Knife Intifida” incited recently by Abu Mazen and the Palestinian Government constitute “aggression” – and if Israel responded by obliterating the aggressor – there could be no legal objection in the world community.

Here is how the present Palestinian negotiations farce plays out.

  • Israel complains Palestinians are now, in response to incitement from the top of the official Palestinian Authority on down, running around Israel, randomly stabbing civilians as they shop, wait for buses, and and sip coffee.
  • Palestinians reply, this is because of the violence and injustice of “the Occupation,” which provokes such counter-violence.
  • Israel replies, what aspect of our conduct provokes this increase in unrest, so we can address it? Not that anything justifies the random stabbing of civilians.
  • Palestinians reply, the Occupation must cease, and then, this violence will cease. And The Occupation is, itself, such violence that nothing we do in response to it is wrong.
  • Israel asks, “When you say ‘Occupation,’ to what are you referring? What is ‘the Occupation?'”
  • Palestinians reply, “The Zionist presence on holy Muslim lands and/or or historical Arab lands that do not belong to the Jews, but to the Palestinian Arab people.”
  • Israel replies, “What lands are those other than what we have already given to you and Egypt, despite having either purchased them legitimately a century ago, or having legitimately won them in defensive warfare in accord with international law?”
  • Palestinians reply, “Kol Falastin.” (All of Palestine.)
  • Israel asks, “What are the borders of “Falastin?”
  • Palestinians reply, “From Aqaba to Lebanon and Yafo to the Jordan River.
  • Israel says, “But that is the entire land of Israel. You mean get every Jew out of every inch of land within the borders you just described?”
  • Palestinians reply, “Yes, end the Occupation. Only then, will violence cease.” Go back where you came from: go to the European and American countries you started from.
  • Israel replies, “But over the last four hundred years, they have been telling us, “You are Not German, French, Belgian, Russian – leave our countries and go back where you came from.” And they meant, the Land of Israel! They all knew Israel is our homeland: our land of origin. Now you say, “Go back to the places that hated and killed us – that conducted the Holocaust and Pogroms – because those are our ‘homes’ – and not Israel?
  • Thus, the loop closes and the discussion starts all over again.
  • The Palestinians who never were a nation tell the Jewish nation that was been a nation in Israel for most of the last four thousand years … your land is now ours because we say it is. You are not welcome here. Go away.
  • And the Jewish people say, no.
  • We have been murdered, tortured, and defiled everywhere we went, and told over and over again, “you are not us: go home.” Now, we are home, and we have murderers saying insane and inane things to justify murdering us on our own streets and trying to drive us out again. Never again.

We want peace.

We will even give away parts of our legal possessions for peace – look at how we gave Sinai back to Egypt!

But we will not commit national or ethnic suicide on demand.

Five wars, always lost by the aggressors against Israel.

Give up. Try building something instead of driving your next generation insane to turn them into mindless murderers.

Try joining modern civilization – not attempting to kill or erase every civilization but your own murder-filled, primitive, unaccomplishing, blight on human quality of life you are presently trying to force on the whole world with the sword.

Until you do – you are not welcome among the family of civilized nations.

  • Israel says to the UN Security Council, “Ladies and Gentlemen, the ‘Palestinian’ position of utter destruction of the Jewish State is contrary to the UN resolutions by which the State of Israel was brought into legitimate existence with the assent of the entire international community. They maintain they will continue violence until those mandates are totally overturned, and will never accept them. On that basis, we ask that (a) UN sanctions be imposed on the PA until they formally accept all relevant UN resolutions already in place; and (b) that the PA be suspended from membership in the UN on any level until it does so.”
  • The UN replies, “No. Israel’s request is denied.
  • Now, the UN says all talk should be about the level of tolerance of violence the world demands from Israel, leaving its citizens open to random violence against civilians; and how to keep the Palestinian death toll as low as possible. We are not going to discuss protecting Israeli lives, because they are “The Occupation,” and thus, deserve whatever they get until they leave the region and go back where they came from.
  • Israel asks, “You mean, you want us to go back to Germany, Poland, Spain, Syria, Morocco, Yemen, Russia, and all the other places that mass-slaughtered us, attempted to totally exterminate us, and consistently expressed their view that we were NOT them, but aliens from … wait for it … The Land of Israel, our actual homeland – and should “go home?”
  • The UN replies, “Well, we would not put it that way – but yes,”
  • Israel rises to leave, and answers finally, “We will do what we must to protect our citizens – in our ancient homeland – which we will never leave again.
  • Anti-Zionist Arabs in Israel and the Arab world reply, “You have no citizens! You are not a State! You must cease to exist! We will push you all into the sea! Allahu akbar, the Infidel presence will be driven from holy Muslim lands!
  • UN says, “Well – we tried – but the Jews are just too committed to violence to make any negotation successful.”Israel replies, “You may continue to worship at your holy places, and we will practice the immense restraint we have already practiced – but we will protect our citizens.

The PA then announces to the world that “we tried to be reasonable, but the Jews cannot be reasoned with. You know what Jews are – you have long known what Jews are. Why don’t you come fully over to our side, and end this mess by helping us get rid of the Jews and reach a – wait for it – “Final Solution.”

Israel announces to the world, “The PA refuses to do anything to reduce violence until the State of Israel ceases to exist. The PA rejects all UN resolutions affirming the existence of the State of Israel, and affirms Jewish presence must totally end in the lands the UN long ago affirmed were the Land of Israel.

And – we all wait until the next spasm.

At some point, the way this will surely end is the same way it would end if Native American activists were running around New York or Chicago or Los Angeles randomly knifing people until “the European Occupation of holy Indian Lands” ended.

At some point, Israel will have had enough.

Israel has already absorbed more illegal violence than any other state in the world would tolerate. At some point – as Tom Friedman foresaw in From Beirut to Jerusalem more than a decade ago – Israel is going to end this madness by throwing the aggressors en masse across the Jordan River for good.

It will not be pretty; but Israel will wait for the right provocation that the world will not be able to avoid admitting is intolerable inhumanity.

At that point, the Post-Arabian land-grab for Israel will be over.

The Post-Arabians will still have the countless lands of the Arabian lands outside Israel which are theirs, and for which secular Israel has no ambitions.

Scripture tells us in Ezekiel 38:11 that peace will arrive for a long time at some  point. It will not be forever – but it will be so extended a season that the borders of Israel will not be fortified any more.

That will be a good day – a good season.

“Bimheyrah, b’yamaynu” as the old prayer goes.

May it be soon, and in our days.