Purim - Beth El
Happy Purim!  Join Beth El to celebrate Purim on Saturday, March 15th — absolutely free!
Shabbat Meets Purim — a family-friendly service. Let your hair down, as we celebrate the God who saved our ancestors in ancient times, and watches over us still. Attendance in costume, masks, or elaborate hats is welcome and encouraged!

We are told to “…celebrate these days with feasting and gladness…” Esther 9:22. And we plan to do just that! Laugh, sing joyful holiday songs, and join in our interactive Megillah reading on Saturday, March, 15th from 10:30am – 12:30pm.Then continue the fun after services with a holiday oneg (festive meal and Israeli dancing) until 3:30pm!
Join us to delight senses, soul, and mind. Marvel at the insight of Mordechai and the courage of Esther all over again, and take your part in God’s unfolding story for the Jewish people and nation of Israel.
We will be celebrating at  593 Park Ave.@ 64th St. Hope to see you there!
Chag Sameach,
Rabbi Bruce & the Beth El community


P.S. –  Feel free to share the joy and invite friends and family of all backgrounds. For inquiries, visit us online at www.bethelnyc.org.