Misuse Of The Term, “Greater Israel” In The Press

We can now add the phrase “Greater Israel” to terms like “phobe” and “racist” and “colonialist” being misused in public relations to create sentiments not grounded in fact.

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(See full NYT article at https://nyti.ms/2VNvL16 )

Professor Avi Shlaim’s article in The New York Times, “Benjamin Netanyahu and The Death Of The Zionist Dream” is a telling example of the new rhetoric taking over the American marketplace of ideas: state inaccurate or unfounded ideas as if they true, so the masses – not known for complete vetting of ideas – will swing their support to your side. It was the favorite tool of Hitler and Goebbels: “the big lie.” Just tell it until people hear it so much, they just assume it is true.

Shalim uses the term, “greater Israel” in the same manner Arab expansionists use it: to evoke the Nazi term, “Greater Germany” used by Adolf Hitler along with his “Lebensraum” (space to live) as justifications for taking over Austria, Czechoslovakia’a “Sudetenland” (southern region), Poland, and Alsace-Lorraine.

“Greater Israel” is not remotely what Netanyahu is after.

The term, “greater Israel” refers to the borders described in Israel’s biblical land grant, which extend “from The River to the Sea” – but in that portrait, “the River” refers to the Euphrates River. (See these plates from my ©1991 book, “Israel, Arabs & The Middle East.”)