DonateHeartStarDear Podcast Listeners & Website Friends,
Shalom. It has been wonderful to hear across the year how much this synagogue’s presence and its Podcast broadcast ministry have meant to those of you who have written in to tell us of your regular listening.
The level of ministry you have said so enthusiastically is so nourishing to you is the result of a lifetime of commitments to learning and serving by the leadership and the long-term Members who from time to time speak at the pulpit in the rabbi’s absence.
We need your financial in return – so we may continue.
Manhattan is perhaps the financially most challenging place to minister in the entire United States: we stand this ground, now for twenty-two years – at great cost.
Will you help us in return?
Might you, perhaps, even get your own congregation praying for us –– and even putting us onto their budget for support?
It is SO easy to give through our Donating Page and its “PayPal” portal!
If you wish to send us a check, you may of course do so, making it out to “Congregation Beth El of Manhattan” and sending it to our mailing address on our contact page.
Thank you for reciprocating what many of you have gone out of your way to write in and tell us is a life-changing gift Beth El gives to you through its Podcast and its presence in Manhattan all year long.
May the coming New Year be blessed and joyful for all of you! (Genesis 12:3)
Rabbi Bruce, and all at Beth El of Manhattan