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Yeshua or Y’shua? A Genuine Resolution

    One good use of a rabbi's blog is to help dispel confusion.     I encounter a fair amount of confusion about whether the transliteration of the name of Messiah from Hebrew into English is properly rendered, "Yeshua," or "Y'shua," – or whether both are somehow...

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Justice On Offense – For A Change

   As I watch the drama of Israel's present military operations in Gaza, an aspect that almost never seems to be discussed in the Western press stands out to me.    It has always been remarkable to me that evil relies upon goodness to be good so evil can do its work....

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Gaza – A Proportional Response

     With the current situation in Gaza propelling the Israeli-Arab conflict again into the headlines, I offer the following ideas about it. PROPORTIONAL RESPONSE NOT POSSIBLE      A standard operating paradigm of civilized governments for dealing with military harms...

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Between November and New Year each year I am often asked about Christmas. Why do we, as a Synagogue of Two-Testament Judaism, not join in the Christmas observances of the Christian world? On this last day of Hanukkah, I am going to take advantage of the fact that...

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Recent Maccabees

My personal heroes have always been examples of courage against great odds. The season of Hanukkah always amplifies this theme for me with its focus on the victorious rebellion against the greatest power on earth started by a retirement-age old man with almost no...

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My First Blog Entry: “On Dedication”

This is my first entry into the work of public stream of consciousness sharing. A joyful and serious responsibility to put thoughts into the web that will be retrievable forever. What to share first? It seems clear it should be something embarking from one's...

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