In 2008, I wrote this poem for the shul just before Passover last year.
As Pesach approaches this year, it seemed to me perhaps to deserve just one more time around the horn. 🙂
For whatever it may be worth – Happy Passover.
Rabbi Bruce


8 April 2009

‘Twas the night before Pesach
And all through the house,
Not a bissel of chametz
Remained to de-louse.

Every corner was empty
Of crumbs and of pieces
No chameytz or se’or
Left for any meeces.

(I should have said “mice”
But “meeces” would rhyme
With the pieces I referenced
Just above it one line.)

So now comes the Seder
With Matzah and stuff
Meant to recall our journey
To freedom – quite rough!

But He did it – G-d took us
From under the whip
Through the sea and the desert
On a forty-year trip

In to chay-root – that’s “freedom”
In our ancient tongue,
Now in every language we say
“His will be done!”

And one final word
For all you Messianics
About how Yeshua
Fits into these antics;

The Passover Lamb
Sacrificed for us all
Had His last Pesach meal
Before he took our fall

On Himself – our atonement
Forever He made;
“Afikomen” – “I arrived”
Is the message relayed

To untold generations
Of all humankind
One G-d – One Messiah;
New life will unwind.

A sweet and a kosher
Passover to one and all;
May the Lamb in your hearts
Make the day joy in full.

Happy Pesach!

©Bruce L. Cohen 2008